SecureOps delivers our customers value by creating close relationships, assessing needs, and providing tailored, cost-effective solutions. While many MSSP’s attempt to automate services and solutions to cut costs, SecureOps certified experts understand that the constant changes in technology, threats, and risks to a business demand a partner who understands the customer’s business and environment to provide the most effective protection.

We serve our customers from offices in Luxembourg, Prague, and Montreal with a team of certified security experts. Our mission is to continue to pursue a center of excellence in information security.

THE ANATOMY OF A HACKThe Sony Breach Investigation Provides Unprecedented Detail

On November 24, 2014 an unknown cybercriminal hacked the Sony’s systems, leaked confidential data, damaged the brand of Sony and many of its talent and executives – many of whom are still feeling its effects. In addition, the malware rendered...

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