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Industry Reports

Anatomy of a Hack

The Sony Breach Investigation Provides Unprecedented Detail

Incident response planning is crucial; however, organizations have learned that many are still not prepared to handle a cyber attack.

The Growing Threat of Ransomware Report

Why Organizations Need to Prepare for a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware has become the most serious threat to IT security teams over the past two years. Our 33 page report illustrates how the Ransomware threat has exploded and what may be coming next.

Cybersecurity Statistics You Won’t Believe

Critical Cybersecurity Statistics You Must Know

We have compiled dozens of critical cybersecurity statistics from leading research organizations that paint a comprehensive, yet alarming picture of the state of IT security.

Everything You Need to Know About Pen Testing

The Only Penetration Testing Resource You’ll Ever Need

Pen Testing has evolved and now includes different flavors including Black Box, White Box, Red Teaming, Ethical Hacking and more. This report not only describes all the different penetration tests we could find, but also discusses the goals, benefits, and other details about the test. Network, Web App, Wireless, Client-side and other Pen Tests are discussed in detail including the target of the test and the benefits.

SecureOps Videos

Zero Trust & Micro-Segmentation

Leveraging a Zero Trust Security Model and Micro-Segmentation to Improve Defense

Javier Hernandez is a Network Security Architect at SecureOps. Javier designs IT Security infrastructures for Fortune 500 organizations and has expertise in cloud computing and networking. Javier discusses the Zero Trust network architecture and Micro-segmentation and how the two improve security visibility and limit an attackers ability to move within a network to steal PII, IP and other valued organizational assets.

Security Operations Center

Roles, Responsibilities and Challenges of the Modern SOC

Eric Duval is a Senior Security Manager or Senior SOC Manager at SecureOps and has handled a variety of roles in the SOC in his 8-year tenure. His veteran perspective on the roles, responsibilities and challenges of various security operation center positions provides useful knowledge for folks entering the industry as well as experienced security staff. From managing security technology to dealing with Ransomware and DDoS attacks, Eric covers wide-ranging topics with clear insight and answers.

Log Monitoring & Management

Why Log Monitoring is Critical to Maintaining Security & Compliance

Erik Montcalm the Vice-President, Services & Technologies at SecureOps discusses the critical aspects of log monitoring including dealing with encrypted traffic that may be hiding malware, analyzing logs to uncover malicious activity, maintaining compliance, and managing SIEM’s for clients.

Bug Bounty

Understanding Bug Bounty and Pen Testing Programs

Jasmin Landry a Senior Cyber Security Engineer at SecureOps certified in CEH, GWAPT, and has a OSCP from Offensive Security discusses the value of Pen Testing and Bug Bounty programs. Jasmin is ranked in the top 50 in Bugcrowd’s global ranking and thus has a unique perspective on improving security by uncovering vulnerabilities with Pen Testing and Bug Bounty programs.


Service Brochures

Everything You Need to Know About Pen TestingDownload Our 30-page Report On Pen Testing

Pen Testing has evolved and now includes different flavors including Black Box, White Box, Red Teaming, Ethical Hacking and so many more. We go through them all in this easy-to-read report!....

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